10 Totally Random Questions

Beth Lindhal

1. Team Jon or Kate?

Kate. I don’t really watch the show, but that’s what everyone says, so I’ll go with it.

2. What’s No. 1 on your Christmas list?

A frog-o-sphere. It’s a small tank with baby frogs and a baby snake that you keep as pets. Maybe that’s slightly unorthodox, but at least it’s interesting.

3. What’s your weirdest phobia?

People in masks. Will D. Cat tried to hand me something on campus, and I got freaked out.

4. Do you have a Holy Ground preference?

The library. The people who work there are really nice, and the hot apple ciders are top-notch.

5. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Gingerbread houses, hands down.

6. What were you known for in high school?

I painted myself orange and black, which were our school colors, even though our team lost every game. I won Most School Spirit for our senior awards.

7. Yankees or Phillies?

Yankees. No question.

8. What’s your go-to Campus Corner order?

Chicken parm pizza and a peanut butter ripple milkshake. Greatest thing ever.

9. What’s the strangest movie you’ve ever seen?

I’ve seen some pretty weird movies. Probably “Labyrinth.” It has David Bowie in it and goblins, and they kidnap a baby…it’s really weird.

10. What’s the best way to procrastinate in college?

Playing Farmville. Level 32, baby.