10 signs…your life is a joke

Liz Durham

1. You spend more money on alcohol than food.

2. You’ve spent the last six nights in the quad. You’re a junior.

3. You haven’t done laundry in so long that you don’t have underwear…but your roommate does.

4. You sit down to do a group project and realize none of you has bought the textbook.

5. You’ve sat in the Pit long enough to go through three meals.

6.  Your party schedule for this weekend revolves around your parents.

7. Your walk-of-shame attire turns into your go-to-class attire.

8. You go to more parties than classes.

9. You get picked up to go to a friend’s house but end up in Philly.

10. You stay up until 4 a.m. watching your favorite TV show on DVD when you have an 8:30 the next day.