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Catappetite: The Best Coffee Shops Near Villanova

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Check out Gryphon Cafe located in Wayne, PA.

For many Villanova students, coffee is not just a beverage. It is a ritual, a treat to brighten spirits and a source of energy. While Villanova offers its share of on-campus coffee options, such as Holy Grounds and Rosie’s, sometimes it is necessary to venture a bit further to discover a new study spot and try a new cup of coffee. Whether students are seeking a cozy corner to study the day away or simply craving a change of scenery, below is a curated list of the finest off-campus coffee shops near Villanova. 

  1. The Green Engine 

Location: 2.3 miles from campus in Haverford, PA 

Why it’s special: The Green Engine embodies the essence of community and craftsmanship. From its freshly brewed artisanal coffee to its delectable seasonal menu, every sip and bite is backed by kindness when delivered by the baristas. The constant rotation of seasonal options, made with homemade syrups, ensure that there is always something new to try. Between the delightful plant wall and communal tables, The Green Engine offers an ideal atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee and meet new people.

  1. Homeroom 

Location: A bit farther at five miles from campus, but well-worth the drive to Gladwyne, PA 

Why it’s special: Brimming with energy, Homeroom’s modern neighborhood atmosphere offers a unique experience. Between the simplistic interior and numerous outdoors tables, there are seating options for any occasion. Chef Henry Morgan, a veteran of Philadelphia’s CookNSolo restaurant group, crafts seasonally-driven breakfast and lunch menus with ingredients from local farmers and purveyors. Customers can indulge in its signature sweet potato pie latte while immersing themselves in the bright atmosphere.

  1. La Colombe

Location: Just one mile away from campus in Bryn Mawr, PA

Why it’s special: La Colombe’s Bryn Mawr location offers a chic ambiance coupled with traditional coffee drinks and innovative creations, like the Draft Latte. While the lack of Wi-Fi might deter some, it’s an excellent spot to disconnect, enjoy a quality coffee and perhaps get lost in a good book. La Colombe’s coffee draft options are a consistently great source of caffeine and are just a short walk from Villanova’s campus.

  1. The Story I Coffee & Bookstore 

Location: 4.5 miles from campus in Ardmore, PA

Why it’s special: Disguised as solely a bookstore, one will be pleasantly surprised to that find The Story has some of the best coffee in town. In addition to being a haven for books and an ideal spot to nestle up and get some work done, The Story offers coffee classics along with a revolving seasonal menu. The front half of the shop draws one in with the up-beat music and friendly baristas, with a quiet room more hidden in the back. Whether craving a decadent pastry, on the hunt for a new book or looking for a place to study, The Story is the place to go.

  1. The Gryphon Cafe 

Location: Approximately 2.5 miles from campus in Wayne, PA 

Why it’s special: This down-to-earth coffeehouse offers not only high-quality coffee, but also organic and gluten-free lunch options. With a variety of seating, including a quiet upstairs room and outdoor tables, it caters to both social gatherings and focused study sessions. 

  1. Café Di Bruno 

Location: Located in Wayne, PA , just a short distance from Villanova 

Why it’s special: Teaming up with Seattle-based artisan coffee roaster Caffè Umbria, Café Di Bruno offers expertly brewed beverages and delicious Italian pastries amidst a delightful market space. It is the perfect place to savor the flavors of Italy while grabbing a quick coffee. 

  1. Maman 

Location: Conveniently located in Ardmore’s bustling Suburban Square, about 4.3 miles from campus 

Why it’s special: Vibrant and bustling, Maman presents an exuberant work environment along with a full food menu. Maman frequently partners with health-centered food brands to curate new latte flavors. Whether grabbing a pastry to go or settling in for brunch with friends, this is an ideal spot for students, especially commuters.

  1. Char and Stave 

Location: Approximately 4.6 miles from campus in Ardmore, PA 

Why it’s special: Combining the expertise of whiskey makers with the art of coffee brewing, Char and Stave offers an extensive coffee menu with unique signature lattes. It is the perfect destination for coffee aficionados looking to expand their palate. It offers a specialty latte menu with fun new coffees to try, such as its Nuts and Berries Latte. 

  1. ‘Feine Conshohocken 

Location: Just five miles from campus in Conshohocken, PA 

Why it’s special: Set in a vintage bed-and-breakfast-style atmosphere, ‘Feine Conshohocken exudes charm and warmth. With great latte art, yummy bagels and pastries, it is an inviting space to start one’s morning or unwind in the afternoon. 

  1. Vanilla Bean 

Location: Located 2.5 miles from campus in downtown Wayne, PA

Why it’s special: While not the ideal spot for schoolwork, Vanilla Bean’s cheerful atmosphere and consistently good coffee makes it a must-visit. Enjoy a traditional cappuccino while taking in the sights of downtown Wayne. Vanilla Bean also specializes in custom ice cream. Whether craving great coffee, ice cream or both, Vanilla Bean is a great post-class reward. 

While Villanova’s campus offers its share of cozy nooks and caffeine refuges, there comes a time when a change of pace is warranted. These off-campus coffee havens provide not just an escape from day-to-day life, but a chance to delve into the eclectic coffee scene that surrounds Villanova’s campus. From chic urban spots to quaint suburban coffeehouses, each stop on this curated list promises an unparalleled experience. Whether one wants a tranquil setting for study, a bustling space for socializing or simply a flawless coffee, venture beyond campus confines and immerse oneself in the myriad flavors and inviting ambiances the surrounding area has to offer.

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