Part Two: The Ultimate SEPTA Tour Guide

Chloe Miller, Staff Writer

While the first four stops on the SEPTA train on the way to Center City Philadelphia are filled with fun options for day trips, restaurants and shopping, the rest of the stops contain even more to explore. 

The last stop the SEPTA goes to is Jefferson Station in central Philadelphia. Below is a continuation of the SEPTA guide from last week, containing a brief description of the rest of the stations where the train stops. 

Fifth Stop, Wynnewood.

Wynnewood has a major shopping center that may be useful. In the shopping center right off the station is a GIANT and Bed, Bath and Beyond. There is also a Whole Foods nearby for all one’s healthy grocery shopping needs. If one is looking for food at the Wynnewood station, there is a First Watch, which also has a location at Villanova Center. Most importantly, there is a Nothing Bundt Cakes if one is craving something sweet or looking to get a friend something for their birthday. 

Sixth Stop, Narberth.

Narberth is a small station on the way to Center City. While there are not too many shops there, there is a Reel Cinemas right by the station, which is an easily accessible movie theatre. Additionally, Narberth is known for its toy store, named as the best toy store on the Main Line, Character Development. The store is quirky and cute with plenty of toys, books and gadgets for people of all ages. 

Seventh Stop, Merion.

Merion is another relatively smaller stop. Again, there are not many stores, but the stop is next to Merion Botanical Park. This is perfect if one is looking for a new spot to have a picnic, run, walk or simply study and enjoy nature. 

Eighth Stop, Overbrook.

Overbrook station is known for being close to Saint Joseph’s University, which is a Catholic University like Villanova. Visiting Saint Joseph’s can be a fun afternoon trip if one wants to visit some friends, take in the sights of campus or even go to Mass. 

Ninth Stop, 30th Street Station.

30th Street Station is the first stop in the city of Philadelphia and is the main railroad station in the city. The station is right by Drexel and the University of Pennsylvania. Both universities are easily accessible from this stop. Additionally, 30th Street Station is the closest station to the art museum district. Here, one can go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, the Barnes Foundation, the Franklin Institute and the Mutter Museum. Each museum has a unique array of art and is perfect for a day in the city. If one is looking for something more low-key to do off of 30th Street Station, it is close to Logan Square, where one can hang out and have a picnic on the grass. 

Tenth Stop, Suburban Station.

Suburban Station is a smaller train station right next to the LOVE park, where one can see the iconic LOVE sculpture. It is right in the center of Philadelphia, central to City Hall and Dilworth Park. It has tables and seating areas all year round with ice skating during the winter months. Another must-see area near Suburban Station is Rittenhouse Square. The park around Rittenhouse is beautiful, historic and amazing on a sunny day. The Rittenhouse area is also known for its shopping. There are plenty of bookstores, clothing stores and boutiques all around the area.

Eleventh Stop, Jefferson Station.

Jefferson Station is the furthest-east stop on the SEPTA. Nearby is the popular Reading Terminal Market, which is a great place to stop for some food and discover new shops and restaurants. It is also the closest train station to Old City Philadelphia. Here, one can see all of the iconic Philadelphia attractions such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center. If one is not from the area, this is the perfect place to sightsee with parents or friends from school. Wonderspaces is another highly visited place in Philadelphia near Jefferson Station where one can take fun photos alone or with friends at the displays in the building. Although it may be a bit of a walk, Jefferson Station is the closest stop to Spruce Street Harbor and Penn’s Landing. Both areas are on the Delaware River area. Spruce Street Harbor has a lot of fun summer activities to do outside. Penn’s Landing is a stretch of waterfront parks where there are concerts, movies, yoga, roller skating and so many other great recreational activities. 

The SEPTA train to Center City Philadelphia has tons of opportunities and places to see. Learning how to ride the SEPTA and knowing where to stop is important if one ever has to visit someone or somewhere. The SEPTA is the easiest and cheapest way to get off campus and explore the amazing area around the University. Taking advantage of the places will help make Villanova feel like home.