10 Totally Random Questions for…Michelle Costanza

Brenna Fallows

1. What Nickelodeon character do you most identify with?

Probably Gary the snail. 

2. Most embarrassing song on your iTunes?

I’m not embarrassed by any of the music I listen to. I have no shame.

3. Weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I was on a mission with Legolas from “Lord of the Rings” to find chocolate chip cookies, and we had to dig holes in the ground to look for them.

4. If you were a rapper, what would you want your name to be?

As an homage to 50 Cent, probably Halfa Dolla.

5. Pizza topping of choice?

Tabasco. It kicks everything up a notch.

6. Underrated performance in a movie that you would award an Oscar to?

Russell Crowe in “Les Mis”; he’s the voice of our generation.

7. What would you call your autobiography?

“Yeah, Like George Costanza: The Story of My Life.” In reference to the fact that everyone says that about my last name.

8. Do you have any good luck charms?

I have a little plastic cow named Jerry that I found in Michigan one summer. We were meant to be together.

9. If you could bring an article of clothing from decades past back into style, what would it be?


10. If you had a life-size cardboard cutout of a celebrity in your room, who would you want it to be?

Tom Hanks.