10 Signs…you’re suffering the effects of “Halloweekend.”

Alissa Foti

10. The remnants of your costume are sitting in a sad pile in the corner of your room. 

9. No matter where you seek out candy, there are only Whoppers left, and that just does not sit well with you. 

8.  You still visualize that kid in your class as a Clark Kent clone, instead of a 20-year-old with slight acne and a constant five o’clock shadow. 

7. You’re tired. Very tired.

6. Your drinking receptacles are washed and sitting in your drying rack. Still.

5. You danced to the “Monster Mash” and felt zero remorse doing so. 

4. Your apple juice supply is running low, and you are not happy about it.

3. You have a bruise (or seven) that you do not know the origin of.  

2. You just looked at said bruises and let out the slightest of smiles. 

1. You already have your costume for next year planned and are ready to rock the socks off of it.