10 Signs…you’re ready for Thanksgiving break.

Deanna Crusco

10. Your block meal plan is slowly dwindling, which means you’re down to two meals a day, if you’re  lucky.


9. You need an excuse to wear that ugly orange sweater your grandma knit for you five years ago.


8. School is just ruining all the fun right now. Seven final papers, five finals and three projects…yeah you need a break.


7. In order for it to be socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music, Thanksgiving needs to hurry up and get here.


6. Your friends have planned a Friendsgiving, and you’re feeling some type of way about all the stuffing that is in your future.


5. Since you went on a Fall Service Break Trip, you haven’t been home in forever, and you really just need you really just need to cuddle with your dog. Right. Now.


4. You went from drinking milk every morning to making coffee just so you can use the Pumpkin Spiced coffee creamer you spent six dollars on, and you really just want to share this awesomeness with your mom.


3. The  Pit’s version of Thanksgiving dinner is not exactly on par with your family’s seven-course feast..


2. You need an excuse to stop doing work for one weekend and Netflix it up with your family.


1. You’ve reached a new low of procrastination. Every time you start a paper, you quickly click back to your Pinterest Thanksgiving page and find new pie recipes…the possibilities are endless.