10 Totally Random Questions for…Garrett Lazzaro

Deanna Crusco

1. Who would play you in a movie based on your life?

Adrian Grenier. Who doesn’t want to be Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend?


2. What is the greatest part about being an RA?

FOOD. Not only do my residents bake and cook for me, but Residence Life never disappoints with feeding us RAs.

3. What is one food you could not survive a month without eating?

Peanut Butter. I go through a jar a week.

4. What is your secret to getting “swoll” during this yoking season?

Skip leg day—it’s all about the upper body. A smoothie a day doesn’t hurt either.

5. Have you ever seen “The Notebook?” If so, use one word to describe it, if not, stop what you’re doing and go watch it.


6. Favorite fall activity?

Four-wheeling in the Poconos.

7. Starbucks or Dunkin?

I run on Dunkin.

8. Guilty pleasure reality TV show?

“Big Brother.”

9. Favorite memory of your Villanova career thus far?

Presenting my research at the 2014 ACS Fall meeting in San Francisco.

10. Best nickname you’ve ever been given.

Gar Bear.