10 Signs…it’s almost Winter.

Deanna Crusco

10. You’ve taken out your gloves, mostly because they’re cheetah print, but also because it’s getting colder.

9. The heat in your apartment has been turned up to 80 degrees.

8. ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas started on Monday.

7. You’ve reserved the couch every day for the rest of the month to watch said 25 Days of Christmas.

6. Suddenly you can’t make it through the day without drinking at least one hot chocolate.

5. When you order an iced coffee people look at you like you’re crazy.

4. You have to warm up your car for 10 minutes before actually driving because the wheel is almost frozen.

3. Everyone seems to be coupling up because it is indeed cuffing season.

2. You can’t stop smiling because smiling is your favorite. And maybe because Elf is on everyday.

1. The Christmas playlist you created has been playing nonstop since Monday.