10 Totally Random Questions for… Pat Williams

Deanna Crusco

1. Imagine you own your own ice cream company. What signature flavor would you create?

Peanut butter and jelly graham cracker.

2. If Blizzard Juno actually made an appearance in our area, how would you have spent your snow day?

Watching One Tree Hill on Netflix, team Peyton. 

3. If you had to say ‘who let the dogs out,’ who do you think did it? 

Public Safety

4. If you’re driving down the highway on a hot, summer day, what song are you blasting? 

“Try Me” by Dej Loaf. 

5. If you could change our school mascot which animal would you choose?

The Fighting Charizards.

6. Favorite pizza toppings? 

Pepperoni and lucky charms.

7. What will you miss most about Villanova? 

My one time boys.

8. Same-sex celebrity crush? Why? 

Mr. Rogers from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood because he always showed us a good time. 

9. What former President’s facial hair would you like to have? 

Abe Lincoln. 

10. How many slices of cheese do you put on your average ham (or your meat of choice) sandwich and what do you think that says about you? 

Two pieces of Swiss because of the holes it’s not really a full piece of cheese. I guess that says I’m greedy.