Farmer Chris Seeks The Cream of the Crop

Meg Miller

Since last year’s nightmare of a season with Juan Pablo (you know the one where he wouldn’t tell Nikki he loved her even after he gave her The Final Rose…), we all have been waiting with bated breath for the premier of the perfect bachelor Chris Soules’s season. Crowned “Prince Farming” by Chris Harrison, host of “The Bachelor,” Soules may just be the most charming Bachelor yet. His first few nights were full of everything you hope for on the Bachelor–crazy girls, drunken girls and a few shower scenes. However, within the first few episodes a few girls stand out as drunker and crazier than the rest. 

Let’s start with Britt, the first girl to step out of the limo. Though her “free hugs” thing was borderline cute at first, it crossed over into creepy territory when she hugged Chris for what felt like a solid five minutes upon first meeting him. However, what the audience deemed creepy, Chris seemed to thoroughly enjoy and from that moment you could see Chris falling for this girl. An audible gasp was heard in every watch party around the globe when Britt received a kiss from Chris on the first night, something incredibly rare on the Bachelor. For Britt’s sake, let’s just hope the other girls don’t find out along the way. Chris’s interest in Britt continued through the second episode as she continues to appear a frontrunner. 

Another notable, yet more tragic, contender is Tara, the “sport fishing enthusiast.” She was the token drunk girl on the first episode, and unfortunately things did not improve for her. America was shocked when Chris decided to keep her the first night after witnessing her drunken stupor, in which she was clearly struggling to remain upright during the rose ceremony. In the second episode she attempted to redeem herself, but ultimately did not receive a rose from Chris. 

In her farewell she revealed her extreme insecurity and despair in being alone. Luckily for Tara she is far more likely to find the love of her life off screen. 

There are a few other standouts, like the aggressive virgin, Ashley I., or Mackenzie, the 21 year old mother (to a son named Kale no less) who wanted to talk to Chris about aliens. There’s Meghan, who, bless her heart, thought it would be a good idea to bang her head against every hard surface in Chris’s home. There is also Kaitlyn who, despite  initially seeming like that girl who becomes “one of the boys,” is beginning to seem like one of Chris’s favorites. But no one stands out quite like Ashley S. 

It is hard to put into words just how bizarre Ashley S. but she definitely takes the prize for craziest contestant. Whether she is discussing the similarities of onions and pomegranates with cameramen, threatening to shoot the other women with a paintball gun or just saying words that, let’s face it, make zero sense, Ashley S. is the most confusing, yet entertaining one to watch this season. Ashley S. left us all conflicted– we would really judge Chris if he kept her around but at the same time the thought of not getting to watch her every week made us tear up a little. Fortunately for us (not Chris) he kept her around. 

Though we are only two epic episodes in, this season is shaping up to be the “most dramatic season yet.”