Ten Signs…Valentine’s Day is better when you’re single



Sophia Pizzi

10. You get to have two baes: Ben AND Jerry.

9. You easily avoid any and all restaurants crowded with a plethora of couples!

8. You can shamelessly imitate Beyonce’s dance moves in “Single Ladies,” putting all of your heart and soul into it.

7. You don’t have to spend money on a gift or dinner—more cash for food, clothes, coffee and other unnecessary addictions YAAASS.

6. You get to go see Fifty Shades of Grey with your friends so it’s not awkward.

5. Who needs a significant other to tell you they love you when candy hearts can do the same thing? (and taste better while doing so?)

4. You can eat an entire box of chocolate and not worry about being judged for it.

3. Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s day is lame and so are relationships bye.

2. In the words of Taylor Swift, you don’t have to worry about anything going down in flames.

1. There’s nothing more reassuring than the love your cat has for you anyways.