Paul McCartney joins two hip-hop powerhouses to form interesting trio

Gab Gesek

Taking the music world by storm, the super-trio of Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney join forces to produce the new single, “FourFiveSeconds.”  As the first single off Rihanna’s new album, the eclectic masterpiece highlights strong vocals, rhythmic acoustics and equally tasteful music video.  The video, oozing with class and simplicity, exposes vulnerable sides of Rihanna and Kanye. 

 The black-and-white clip features Rihanna and West collaboratively singing as McCartney strums along. The video peaks when the three musical powerhouses share the same frame creating an ambiance of musical genius.  All three artists wear denim in the video, adding to the classic iconic dynamic. 

The video is raw and natural allowing viewers to experience the full force of real music creation. The song avoids the over-edited crowd-pleasing songs of today and allows listeners to appreciate again the beauty of lyrical genius and trained vocals. “Four Five Seconds” has skyrocketed from No.54 to No. 15 in the past week and will most likely only continue to rise with is growing popularity. The song reintroduces pop audiences to the minimalistic sound style of the ‘60s and ‘70s. 

Different from Rihanna’s past work, this single might not make the pre-party playlist but it is sure to take the lead on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  

Anticipation for Rihanna’s comeback has been growing steadily and so there is no surprise that “FourFiveSeconds” is already ranked fourth on iTunes top 10 and will only go up from there.  

Rihanna has broken her own mold of predictability and will hopefully only continue to happily surprise us.