AC/DC and Three Days Grace release latest albums

Patrick Wallace

AC/DC Rock or Bust? Definitely Rock

“Highway To Hell,” “Thunderstruck,” “Back in Black” and “Shoot To Thrill” are only a few of the popular songs that the band AC/DC has written and performed. After the Australian band’s first singer, Bon Scott, died in 1980, the band did not know if they could continue playing. 

However, during that same year they released one of their most popular albums, “Back in Black,” and recruited the Brian Johnson to replace Scott.

Johnson, sounding similar to Scott in relation to the vocal and range power, allowed the band to continue playing. In 2014, AC/DC released a new album, “Rock or Bust.” Despite the aging members of the band and other medical concerns, such as the bassist Malcolm Young suffering from dementia, the band still continues to sound amazing.

 It is planning a 2015 world tour to support the new album and recently performed at the 2015 Grammy awards. 

Its performance and energy was nothing short of amazing. It continues to dazzle, as well as entertain viewers and fans. At the award show it played the songs “Rock or Bust,” from the new album and an old hit, “Highway to Hell.” 

On its new album AC/DC continues to deliver the hard rock sound throughout the songs that AC/DC fans always long for, with tracks such as “Rock or Bust,” “Play Ball” and “Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder.” In the rock world, the legendary band’s album received positive reviews. 

ITunes gave the album 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, and I would also give it high reviews as many others have. 

Many of the songs have the classic hard rock sound, proving that age is of no concern to the band’s musical capability with its newest exceptional album. 

Since receiving exceptional reviews, I am sure that its tour will be highly anticipated and rated as well.

Three Days Grace New Album

The well-known Canadian rock band, Three Days Grace, originally from Norwood Ontario, was formed in the year 1992. 

They constantly played at small local venues and bars until the producer Gavin Brown discovered them, allowing them to sign with Jive Records. Three Days Grace then released their first album in 2003, entitled “Three Days Grace” with hit songs such as “I Hate Everything About You,” “Just Like You” and “Home.” 

The band reached further success with their 2006 album called “One X” with popular songs like “Never Too Late,” “Riot” and “Animal I Have Become.” 

The band then released two more albums, one called “Life Starts Now” (2009) with hits including “The Good Life,” “World So Cold” and “Break,” and the last album with the original front man, Adam Gontier, was entitled “Transit of Venus” (2012), and had hits such as “Chalk Outline” and “The High Road.” 

Unfortunately, just as the band was about to embark on a world tour to support the new album (“Transit of Venus”), however, Gontier took a temporary hiatus, claiming medical issues. Shortly after Gontier announced his hiatus, it became a permanent one. 

In an interview, Gontier said that he lied about his medical excuse in order to leave the band and actually left because he felt that the band was turning into a “pop-rock” band, rather than the strict rock sound he envisioned when he first formed the band.

With the departure of the lead singer, the remaining band members scrambled to find a new lead singer to take Gontier’s place for the impending tour and their future career. 

The band recruited Matt Walst, the bassists Brad Walst’s brother. 

Although the addition of Matt Walst allowed the band to continue the tour, the fans felt negatively about Walst, saying he sounded nothing like Gontier and did not have his stage persona. 

They were also enraged by Gontier’s sudden departure. The fans claimed that Walst could not capture the distinct voice and sound that Gontier brought to the band and which made them unique. 

After the tour, the new Three Days Grace began working on new song demos in preparation for a new album. The band has released two new singles called “I Am Machine” and “Painkiller.” Their new album, entitled “Human,” is expected to be released on March 31, although critics are saying the album may not do as well as expected due to the change of the band’s lead singer. 

When the lead singer of a band leaves, the fans tend to follow him or her because the songs and lyrics generally come from the voice of the front man. 

It is predicted that some of the older Three Days Grace fans may not buy the new album due to the presence of a new lead singer, but will instead purchase Gontier’s newly anticipated album release.