Ten signs…you’re a “House of Cards” fan

Sophia Pizzi

10. Claire and Frank Underwood epitomize #relationshipgoals.

9. Whenever you think of Washingston D.C., you can’t help but wonder what kind of scandal is happening behind the scenes.

8. There is no greater loyalty than Meechum-loyalty. 

7. You LOVE Doug but you HATE Doug. 

6. Actually, you feel like that about every single character. 

5. Kevin Spacey coming to campus was one of the greatest events in the University’s history. 

4. R.I.P. ZOE BARNES.  Forever in our hearts gurl :’(

3. Ok the show is great but Netflix can you please cut the length of the theme song?? It’s like 2.7 hours too long.

2. When Frank breaks the fourth wall you know it’s about to get real interesting. 

1. If AmWorks was a real thing, you would totally support it.