Ten signs…spring is here.

Brett Klein

10. It takes 20 minutes for you to pick out your clothes for the day’s changing weather and you’re still either too hot or too cold all day.

9. Your classes in Bartley and Tolentine nearly give the entire class heat stroke. 

8. Every third person you talk to complains about allergies like it’s the plague. 

7. You’ve spent nearly three hours this week crying becasue college basketball is over. 

6. You routinely try to convince people that the NBA playoffs are awesome…to no avail. 

5. Iced. Coffee. 

4. You’ve accepted that your GPA will have an inverse relationship with the temperature. 

3. You’re running away from graduating because you’re “not ready to be a real person yet.” 

2. You’ve become obsessed with consuming beverages outdoors. 

1. You have a comprehensive list of reasons to not go to class and to wear sunglasses, many of which overlap.