Ten Signs…finals are upon us

Sophia Pizzi

10. Nothing is more frustrating than aggressively pacing the third floor of Falvey looking for an open seat.

9. You begin to study and suddenly find yourself considering other career paths.  

8. You are distracted by everything. Does the person in front of you really need to breathe that loudly?!

7. You look at the forecast and pray for rain so you won’t feel as guilty spending all of your time inside studying.

6. “What is sleep??” you ask yourself, as your right eye starts twitching at 1:48 a.m.

5. At normal colleges there is a decrease in fashion during finals but here everyone still manages to look like a Vineyard Vines model while they cram for their exams so like #WhalesOverFails.

4. In the wise words of T-Swift, students only want As if it’s torture.

3. The points on your meal plan are dwindling fast and furiously. Will there be enough to support your growing need for three large coffees every day? Stay tuned to find out.     

2. You cannot for the life of you keep track of what day of the week it is. Tuesdays turn into Fridays, Wednesdays turn into Mondays and Fridays turn into Saturdays…it’s like Houdini up in here. 

1. One minute you’re like “I don’t care anymore” but then you think of your GPA and you’re like “I PROMISE, JACK, I’LL NEVER LET GO.”