How a college student copes with fall fashion on campus



Joanna Carbone


Let me start by saying I’m a stickler for when seasons start and end, so I feel that it is important to note that fall did not officially start until September 23. But the rest of the world has not gotten the memo. Pumpkin Spice lattes are back, white is officially contraband and it has already rained…twice. Being stubborn, I prefer not to roll out my heavy sweaters and leather jackets until it is abundantly necessary, and until I cannot run from the fact any longer I will hold onto the last remnants of summer. 

To cope with the transition to cold, I like to style my summer and fall clothes together. This is important for two reasons: 1. Most stores haven’t brought out the good fall collections. It is important to hold off buying as much as you can because most of what is out right now will be on sale in two weeks. 2. Combining your summer and fall wardrobe opens up a whole new set of combinations for outfits. How can this be done? In short the answer is layering. Let us discuss how layering can become your favorite new concept.

Summer dresses are perfect layering bases. Try layering your cute summer dresses and tunics that have a fall color palette—a fall color palette would consist of deeper earthy tones or creams. My favorite is to take a cream colored, loose dress and layer a chunky colored knit on top. This allows the dress to peak out at the bottom (bonus points if your dress has a cute trim). 

Shorts are another summer staple that I think work for fall. Specifically denim cut offs—I prefer low- to mid-rise dark denim for the fall. In Philadelphia it does not get truly cold until October, and I find that long sleeves are much more symbolic of colder weather. So to nod towards fall—when it is not yet chilly—wear your shorts with a light sweater or long sleeved shirts. You may not think this is a thing, but look to tumblr and Pinterest and you will find plenty of examples of shorts and long sleeves done right. 

My final fall tip is style summery tanks—once again layered. Any neutral colored pieces will work here. Throw on a lacey bralette, a neutral tank and a fall jacket on top. Pair this with a pair of skinny jeans, a layered necklace, and your favorite bootie and you’re bound to turn heads. 

If you are looking for a simpler way to adjust to fall weather, a good idea is to look to your accessories. Try out jewelry that isn’t shined; the rougher texture is more earthy. Opt for deeper neutrals like grey, off white, navy and army green; these colors aren’t as dark as winter shades, and they are easier to mix and match. Bring back leather. Whether it be shoes, handbags, or clothing leather instantly brings fall into your look.

While I’m not at all ready for cold weather, I am a huge fan of fall fashion. Make this fall your best-dressed season yet.