Superhero-like film, Suicide Squad, to be released

Pat Wallace

If you like superhero films like “The Dark Knight” and “the Avengers” then you’ll love the newest movie coming out from DC Comics, “Suicide Squad.” 

This past year at Comic-Con there was a screening of the trailer for the new Suicide Squad movie. 

However, the trailer was illegally copied and posted online, forcing the DC Comic Company to release the preview earlier than planned. 

The premise of the movie is that a secret government agency takes evil villains from the DC universe and uses them to execute dangerous black-op missions that no one else wants to do, in exchange for freedom from jail. 

As the trailer says, the government has “built-in deniability,” so if anything goes wrong with the missions, the government can blame the evil villains. 

Based on the single trailer thus far, the “Suicide Squad” will have members that include Harley Quinn, the Joker’s supposed girlfriend and accomplice who is played by Margot Robbie (who starred in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”), Deadshot, a villain who can never miss a shot with a gun (played by Will Smith), the Enchantress, who has magical abilities (played by Cara Delevingne), Killer Croc, who is a giant humanoid crocodile, El Diablo, who can control fire, Captain Boomerang, who can throw boomerangs, Rick Flagg, who is a dishonored military man, and two other minor villains. 

Although he is not a member of this version of the suicide squad, the new Joker will make an appearance, which is exciting because DC has not made a movie with the Joker character since Health Ledger played him and passed away. 

The trailer itself does not reveal the team’s mission, but the premise does have an interesting take on superhero movies, because the evil villains who the heroes catch are released to fight for the good side. 

This is the reason why there are always recurring villains in the DC universe, because they are granted amnesty as long as they help the government with suicide missions. 

The main slogan of the trailer is “Justice has a bad side,” showing that the villains have immoral and unconventional methods of completing their missions for the government. However, they can get the job done. It is by their methods, which are sometimes wrong, because they are villains who should be in jail. 

However, the trailer does reveal possible subplots to the movie such as the background of how Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel becomes Harley Quinn. 

Before the Joker turned her into his crazy accomplice she was his therapist in Arkham Asylum (the name of the prison in the DC universe). 

The trailer depicts a scene where it appears that the jail is under a riot or attack which is when the Joker escapes and attacks Dr. Harleen. 

In this version of the plot the Joker performs electroshock therapy to Dr. Harleen, turning her crazy. 

The promo also depicts the background of Deadshot, because there are multiple scenes of him with his daughter, possibly depicting his life before he became the evil supervillain. 

From the short clip, it seems the movie could also show the origin of how the Enchantress received her powers because there is a scene depicting her in a dark cave looking for something, which could be the demon who ultimately gave her the powers (according to the comics). 

This is all speculation because the plot has not been released yet, only the trailer. The movie looks like it will be amazing. 

You can view the trailer on, and the current release date for the film is August 2016.