Catch the inside scoop on the unofficial top releases this week

Ally Santa Maria

Pope Francis’ new single:  In case Pope Francis visiting Philly was not enough, he recently dropped a new flames single. “Wake Up! Go! Go Forward!” is just one song on an 11-song record titled “Wake Up!” The album consists of songs in multiple languages including, English, Italian and Spanish. 

The pope did not really have a lot to do with the making of the album, as it is only his singing and talking voice with a pop rock background. It may not be the flames mixtape you were hoping for, but it is enough to keep pope fever alive. 

Meow the Jewels: Run the Jewels has done the incredible and remixed their album “Run the Jewels 2” to sound like cats were a part of it. What started as a joke is now a real album, featuring remixes by Blood Diamonds Massive Attack. 

The track list includes songs like “Paw Due Respect” and “All Meow Life” and the album is available for free on the duo’s website. However funds made from the Kickstarter campaign and the vinyl sales will go to charities that benefit victims of police brutality. 

Ryan Adams’ gives Taylor Swift’s 1989 a makeover: In case you were one of the cheapskates who refused to buy Taylor Swift’s album because you swear by Spotify, Ryan Adams is here to save the day. He recently released a 1989 cover album, and it is available on Spotify. 

Although no one really knows or understands what the point of Ryan’s endeavor was, it is still pretty interesting to hear some 40 year old man sing songs that were obviously written by a 25 year old woman. Plus the album is not even half bad and might even appeal to Taylor Swift haters. 

Lana Del Rey’s new record “Honeymoon”: Lana seriously knows how to crank out music. She just released her third album since 2012. Her new album is fairly similar to her first two, featuring her gangster Nancy Sinatra style. 

This album is her most depressing yet in the best way possible. Her vocals are as perfect as ever, and the orchestral music only enhances her sound. The album is a throwback to old Hollywood and proves theat Del Rey has the artistic talent and doesn’t need any modern influence to make good music. 

Disclosure released its second album: After just two years Disclosure has released their second album, “Caracal,” featuring artists like The Weeknd, Sam Smith and Miguel. 

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Magnets,” featuring Lorde. 

The song has a contagious beat, and anything that includes Lorde’s soft voice is bound to be enjoyable. Although the album does not differ that much from the group’s first, its synth tunes and catchy choruses make it worthwhile.  

Drake and Future’s new mixtape: As far as temporary rap duos go, Drake and Future are almost as awesome together as Kanye and Jay-Z. “What a Time to Be Alive” is a collaboration between Drake and Future that was recorded in just two days in Atlanta. 

This is not the pair’s first collaboration, and that is for a reason. They two bring the best out of each other and calling an album that is a happy medium between Drake’s soft?

Sam Smith’s New Bond Single: With the new Bond film’s release right around the corner, the new Bond theme has been released to get people pumped. “Writing’s on the Wall” does not stray far from the last Bond theme “Skyfall” (performed by Adele). 

It is still slow and intense, featuring what seems to be a full orchestra. However, this song is not nearly as annoying as Adele’s. We will probably all hate this song after three months of hearing it on repeat, but for right now it will suffice.