Ten Signs… you’re back from a semester abroad

Brenna Fallows

1. In hindsight, maybe eating all of those kebabs wasn’t the greatest idea.

2. Getting dressed in the morning takes twice as long now that you’re not wearing the same clothes every day.

3. These days, your Holy Grounds order is a double espresso.

4. You’ll be grocery shopping this weekend instead of hopping on a cheap flight to Barcelona.

5. You can walk through Radnor with the peace of mind that no one will try to sell you a selfie stick.

6. There are four jars of peanut butter in your cabinet to make up for all the time you spent apart.

7. No more digging for change to use a public restroom.

8. Without the language barrier, those people on the train next to you actually understand what you’re saying about them.

9. Your newest excuse for not getting your work done is that you’ve been too busy sadly scrolling through pictures of all the places you went.

10. When people ask how your semester was, you’re at a loss for words–but it’s okay because the new friends, memories and experiences speak for themselves.