Lincoln Financial Stadium food aims to impress



Catherine Hamilton

Although the Eagles might not win all their games, attending at least one of them during you college career is a must. Nothing beats tailgating out of your car in the lots of Lincoln Financial Field with tons of other pumped up fans who bleed green. Singing the Eagles fight song with thousands of other Philadelphia fans when the Birds score a touchdown is a lifelong memory for most. Those who end up making it to the game cannot miss the classic Philadelphia food that the traditional stands offer. 

Although all the food offered greatly satisfies the taste buds, be prepared to spend a small fortune if you are truly looking to experience the many different types of food the stadium offers. An order of fries costs, on average, around $11. I would advise all those who like to tailgate/drink during the game to get all the drinking done before entering the stadium. The cheapest beer is $11 (for a Bud light) and can easily rise above this price for a better quality beverage. 

For a non-Philly native, the first stop should always be Chickie and Pete’s for a delicious order of crab fries. If you are unfamiliar with this particular type of fry, I will just clear a few things up. These fries DO NOT have crabmeat in them…a relieving fact for some and disappointing one for others. Old Bay seasoning tops these scrumptious fries, and there is a side of melted cheese for dipping. Old Bay is a seasoning typically found on crabs, hence the name Crab Fries. 

For those who do not enjoy spicy food, crab fries might not be your thing, but I still highly recommend them at least to try. The cheese dipping sauce really helps with the hotness of the seasoning. The cheese also distinguishes these fries from normal cheese fries. No one really knows how they make the cheese; there have been rumors that chef uses up to four cheeses and other rumors saying the cheese consists of watered down American. Nevertheless, the cheesy dipping sauce tastes excellent and fries make a necessary snack for every out-of-towner at an Eagles Game. 

The next stop for a Philly fan is McNally’s tent. Almost every native of Philadelphia knows a Schmitter, the classic sandwich that originated in the 1960s from McNally’s Tavern on Chestnut Hill. Named after the local Philadelphia Brew, Schmidt’s Beer, the mouthwatering sandwich holds melted cheese, grilled salami, steak, tomatoes, fried onions and some “special sauce” (tastes like Thousand Island dressing) on a Kaiser Roll. The sandwich received so much popularity that Shea Stadium and Superbowl XXXIX in Florida have served the sandwich. 

Finally, Philly Fry makes a great final stop for anyone. With tons of mix and match combinations, Villanovans might find similarities between Zilly Fries and various orders of Philly Fry. One of the most popular combinations, fries, American cheese, bacon and shredded steak, tastes similar to a cheese steak on a fork. Anyone who likes various meats and cheeses in their fries should definitely stop by Philly Fry and give them a try. 

Despite all of these overwhelmingly delicious options, each item costs $11 or more. If you also plan on purchasing drinks at the stadium, you could spend well more than you anticipated. Finally, a word to the wise would be to venture out to these stands before or after halftime. Waiting in these lines can get a little exhausting during the mad rushes during halftime and commercial breaks.