Ten Signs… you experienced Pope Francis’ historic U.S. visit



Sophia Pizzi

10. Transportation wasn’t as crowded as everyone expected, so the train ride in had you bumpin’ to gospel hymns like #TakeMeToChurch #OhHeavenIsAPlaceOnEarth #LivinOnAPrayer #ThoseArentHymns #ButOk.

9. You enthusiastically joined “Viva il Papa” chants.

8. Standing in line for four hours was a true test of endurance. 

7. You sent Popemojis (right) to all of your friends and family.

6. You learned a whole new meaning for #blessed.

5. Every time Pope Francis kissed a baby, you literally couldn’t even. 

4. Your snap story killed it with all those geofilters. 

3. Your dream car is now a Popemobile. 

2. Mass was in like eight different languages, so you felt very cultured. 

1. Long story short: Pope Francis rocked and you miss him already…Dublin 2018, anyone?