“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” to impress DC Comic audiences



Pat Wallace

It’s a bat! It’s a plane! It’s Batman in Superman’s city Metropolis? Yes that is correct. Batman is in Metropolis instead of Gotham in the new DC movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The DC Company is trying to establish reputable movies to compete with Marvel Studios. 

“Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” is just the beginning, because DC is also releasing the movie “Suicide Squad” and is attempting to make a Justice League movie (to compete with Marvel’s “The Avengers”).

From the trailer, Superman is under scrutiny from mankind to leave Earth because he is an alien (originally from the planet Krypton). 

Then as Bruce Wayne (Batman) is in Metropolis, one of his company buildings is destroyed, presumably by Superman either directly or indirectly attacking it. 

As Bruce sees his building being destroyed he believes that Superman is the cause of it and has to stop him because he could potentially be a threat to humankind. Unfortunately the two heroes do fight one another even though they are both good guys. 

However, the two heroes will probably team up and stop an even bigger threat, the evil villain Lex Luthor. 

I think that it will be interesting to see Batman and Superman fight each other, because Superman has actual super powers, whereas Batman has an assortment of high-tech gadgets. 

Usually a man with super powers would beat a man with gadgets easily, so it will be fascinating to see how the director will depict the fighting scenes. 

In the trailer, the viewer sees a glimpse of the different fighting scenes between Batman and Superman. For example, in one scene Superman is shooting his laser beam powers from his eyes to hit Batman, but Batman uses one of his tools from his utility belt to dodge it. 

Another scene shows Superman standing on top of the Batmobile and ripping its doors off and Batman stands up to confront him. 

In my opinion according to the scenes in the trailer, I do not think Batman could physically defeat Superman because he is too powerful, unless he obtains kryptonite (Superman’s weakness) from the company Luthor owns. 

In the comics, Batman does this, although I do not know if Zach Snyder, the director, will adhere to the comic book story line. It will also be exciting to see the character development of the evil villain Luthor because he does not have any powers either, but has a lot of weapon equipment. Not only does he have a lot of technological advanced weaponry, but he is also a sadistic maniac who is cunning and ruthless. 

Besides Batman and Superman, the movie is also going to feature Wonder Woman and possibly Aquaman (other characters for the foundation of the future Justice League movie). 

Aquaman is a possible character who will be introduced, because he is not shown in the trailer. However, the character is included in the cast. 

The details are unknown about the role of Wonder Woman, but it is speculated that she will probably help Superman and Batman stop Luthor. 

With the introduction of Wonder Woman, the DC Company is trying to set up a spin off movie series for Wonder Woman because there are not super hero movies with female leads, and the company is trying to have a detailed foundation of the heroes for the Justice League. 

Not only is the movie trying to set the foundation for the Justice League film, but it is also attempting to create a new Batman movie franchise with Ben Affleck. 

The movie itself, in my opinion, should be really good, because it is intertwining two hero stories, which has never been done before in the DC movie studios. The movie is set for release next in March 2016.