Buckcherry rocks the crowd and rolls to the top of the charts



Pat Wallace

The infamous tattooed rocker Josh Todd, along with his band Buckcherry, are back and released a new album in August after a five-year hiatus. Buckcherry’s new album, “Rock N Roll,” captures the band’s old sound by delivering songs about sexual fantasies, degrading views of women and drugs to a new generation of fans. Their first song on the album, entitled “Bring It On Back,” sets the tone of the album implying that the band is trying to bring back their old style of music playing from the mid-1990s to now.

As the name of the new album suggests, the record is full of rock and roll style songs. The album itself has been rated highly, with critics giving it four out of five stars, although I believe it deserved more. The two singles from the album, “Bring It On Back” and “Tight Pants,” as well as other songs included on the record such as “The Madness” and “The Feeling Never Dies,” show that Josh Todd and the rest of Buckcherry are back and playing as if they never took a break from one another. The album is almost like a storybook of songs following the band from when it got back together to create a few new demos, its love and dedication to rock and roll, sexual and drug-related situations, and finally its overall happiness when they successfully completed the album.

With the album completed, the band began shooting music videos. The third music video was announced to be shot a week after the record was released and was the second single from the album, called “Tight Pants.” 

After watching the first 12 seconds of the music video, besides the vocals of Josh Todd, the viewer could tell it was Buckcherry material because most of the video is a camera following a woman doing her usual daily activities in either her underwear, short shorts, a towel, or tight pants (as the name of the song and music video suggests). The other two music videos from the album capture the rock aspect of the band’s style. 

They are full of the band jamming and singing while the song’s story is captured through the video. 

All of the music videos from the album thus far capture Buckcherry’s rock and roll style, although some fans thought that Buckcherry couldn’t top its album entitled “15” with obscene songs such as “Crazy B**ch” (inspired by Paris Hilton) and “Carousal.” However, it easily outperformed the previous album with songs such as “Wood,” “Sex Appeal,” and “Tight Pants.”

 Buckcherry has always found ways to incorporate sexual desires into its songs in the past based on Josh Todd’s and the rest of the members’ experiences, and this album is no different. This album shows that all of the members of Buckcherry, Josh Todd (lead singer, guitar and piano), Keith Nelson (lead guitar and backing vocals), Stevie D. (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Xavier Muriel (drums) and Kelly LeMieux (bass and backing vocals), still live the rock star life, because they continue to collaborate to write and sing songs based on their personal experience of the style they choose to live (sex, drugs, and rock and roll) that is reflected in their songs. 

Buckcherry proved with powerful vocals, well—designed guitar riffs and lyrical obscenities that although the band took a temporary hiatus, it can still come back and sound better than ever. 

The band still has its raw, rock edge sound that is based around the true rock and roll life style pertaining to sex, drugs, and rock music. One critic wrote, “Only heard one song and know that the rest will be gold.

 Long live Buckcherry, they rock hard!” Buckcherry successfully created another classic rock album trying to sound like some of the rock and roll bands from the 1990s, and I am excited to see what they will do if they create a possible follow up album.