Season four of “Arrow” premieres, Oliver Queen returns



Cassie Lieu

Oliver Queen, you just couldn’t hang the mask for even half a year, could you?

With season four premiere of CW’s “Arrow,” Oliver Queen returns to Starling City (now renamed Star City) after five months, only to find all is not well as he hoped when he hung up the vigilante mantle. 

Not only is there the problem of the ‘Ghosts’ and their leader, Damien Darhk, but also within Team Arrow. Much tension from the previous season remains most notably, with Queen’s partner and close friend, John Diggle, and surprisingly, his sister and now crime-fighting ally, Thea Queen.

That being said, show runner Marc Guggenheim stayed true to his word when he said this season would “take a lighter tone.” 

After some cringe-inducing drama towards the end of the previous season, it’s refreshing to watch a happier, lighter Oliver Queen on screen, rather than the brooding and angst-filled vigilante we’ve come to know. Not that I didn’t mind the latter Oliver, but this new Oliver could only be works of one Felicity Smoak, otherwise known as the queen of Oliver’s heart.

Speaking of which, Oliver and Felicity’s relationship was definitely one of the best parts of both episodes so far. Once again, compared to the previous season, it’s nice to see some of the lightness in Oliver and Felicity’s relationship return. Not to say that the drama in season 3 between them wasn’t necessary, but watching the whole ‘I-have-to-be-alone-to-protect-the-ones-I-love’ trope for 23 episodes straight can get exhausting after a while. 

Most notable about ‘Olicity’, an affectionate ship name for Oliver Queen and Felicity, though would be the portrayal of a healthy relationship. 

As usual, the chemistry between the actors was off the charts, yet what stood out to me the most was how both Oliver and Felicity support each other, even when they are fighting. For example, Oliver giving Felicity a fern and a packed lunch for her first day as CEO at Palmer Technologies. And also, Felicity encouraging Oliver to become the Green Arrow, a hero rather than a vigilante. 

In both cases, it’s not one person constantly taking care of the other. It’s the both of them, caring and loving each other. They’re equals, just the way any healthy and happy relationship should be.

This season premiere also seems to moving closer to the comic canon. For example, Starling City was renamed Star City in Oliver’s absence. 

Oliver Queen reemerges as the ‘Green Arrow,’ rather than just the ‘Arrow,’ and decides to run for mayor (whose position he will probably get since no one else is running). Laurel Lance has established herself as the Black Canary, but she and Oliver certainly won’t be hooking up anytime soon. 

I haven’t read the comics, but I’m sure many of the Green Arrow comic book fans appreciate these changes as CW’s “Arrow” begins to fall more in line with the comic book canon.