10 Signs…. Facebook has you like ??? -__- !!!



Sophia Pizzi


10. You cackle at the random irrelevant comments from peoples’ distant relatives. 

9. You click on the Buzzfeed quiz “Which ‘Friends’ character are you,” absolutely sure you’ll get Joey, and get angry when it says you’re actually Janice. 

8. You clicked on ONE article about food and now Facebook is CONVINCED you’re obese and want to read 800 more just like it.

7. Then there’s that one kid from high school who just never got the memo that status updates are no longer a thing. 

6. All those abroad blogs have you travel-hungry big time. 

5. Someone post another Hoops Mania ticket request, I dare you.

4. Your uncle starts inserting his political views, so you scroll faster. 

3. It’s your friend’s boyfriend’s best friend’s sister’s birthday today. Thanks Facebook. 

2. Videos of puppies doing cute things are your weakness, though. 

1. You question why you’re still scrolling at this point. Aren’t you #TeamInstagram ??!