Villa-Vogue: The Need to Know Fall 2021 Fashion Trends


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Some saturated hues for the upcoming Fall 2021.

Kaelin Trombly, Staff Writer

At last, the heavy hanging air and sticky skin of summer has come to an end, and school is back in session. Some may view this transitional period as a wave of new opportunities for their academic careers, a time to catch up with college friends or even to get immersed in the upcoming football season. For others, with fall comes another fashion calendar, plentiful with new trends and styles to try.

What are the trends for this upcoming fall season you may ask? Don’t fret. Your trusty fashion column Villa-Vogue is back in full swing, this time with a complete welcome back seasonal fashion report.

I. Saturated Shades. The first trend to look out for this fall is bold hues. While neutrals were the norm last fall, this season is taking inspiration from the colorful runways of Chanel and Prada with a more vibrant approach. Whether you have a bold statement piece or are dressed head to toe in monochrome color, saturated hues take the trend forecasting crown.

II. Tonal Tailoring. While COVID-19 is still rampant, society is slowly starting to begin a new normal. This means less quarantining on the couch and more opportunities to get out of the house. More social events also means tossing those stained sweatpants you wore every day to the back of your closet. Whether you prefer a baggy or tight fit, matching monochrome pantsuits are back.

III. Vests. Sweater vests have been trending for some time now, but tailored vests are now being thrown in the mix. To accomplish this look, wear a waistcoat either on its own or layered with an oversized blouse. If you’re really feeling fancy, pair a waistcoat with a pantsuit set for a formal event. Once you get that down, looking flawlessly put together will seem effortless.

IV. Clogs. Perhaps a personal favorite trend is clogs. Yes, I mean the chunky, wooden, Amsterdam-originating clog. Once a crowd favorite of 14th century Europe and modern day nurses, clogs are making a high fashion comeback. I recommend styling clogs with 90s inspired loose jeans or a maxi-length skirt. Let’s also not forget about those scrubs.

V. Chainzzzz. I’ve never personally been a fan of the heavy hardware fashion trends, but after seeing Dion Lee and David Koma’s collections, my opinion has been swayed. Chain detailing is the perfect way to add a statement to any basic wardrobe. Whether you add metal chains to the belt loops of your jeans or around a slip dress, you’ll have a guaranteed tough look.

VI. Colored Leather Coats. Leather doesn’t always have to be neutral colors ladies and gentlemen. Tying in the saturated hues trend, long leather coats in all sorts of shades provide the wearer with a bold outerwear moment that is simply irresistible.

VII. Cutouts. This trend has been mentioned before but it has yet to die. With the help of midriff dresses and tops, the cutout wave continues.

VIII. Logo Love. While the logomania craze has been gone for quite a while, it appears that designers have collectively agreed to bring back and rebrand the trend we once knew. Rather than fully adopting the early 2000’s obnoxiously labeled clothing, designers are plastering their names on products with a more subtle approach. Now, the logo look that everyone will be wearing is camouflaged into what appears to be a print. It’s a more elusive way to wear your $900 Logo Print Fendi Slippers without screaming that you are wearing $900 slippers.

IX. Covered in Cable. This wouldn’t be a fall trend report without a dedicated bullet to knitwear. However, this fall season, the cable-knit pattern takes the spotlight. Cable-knit sweaters have always been a fall staple, but 2021 is adding an extra touch through full cable-knit looks. If you are wearing a cable-knit set, you my friend are doing something right.

X. Revival of the 2000’s. While this summer was all about the 70s, fall will be taking a time machine to the early 2000s in terms of decade style. Thanks to TikTok and designers such as Blumarine and Kim Shui, the fashion world will be witnessing major deja vu with the return of low-slung jeans, midriff tops and furry collars.

XI. The Bigger the Bag the Better. Say goodbye to your impractical mini purses that fit nothing more than a stick of chapstick. The fashion world is all about practicality in terms of accessorizing, which means the bigger the handbag, the better.

XII. Boot Legs. Sleek, not slouchy knee boots are the shoe trend of the season, specifically knee boots worn with a mini dress or shorts in order to expose the leg. Three words: join the movement.

As the days get shorter, the nights longer and the air cooler, forage your wardrobe for some saturated hues, cable-knit sweaters or a pair of clogs because this fall is for more than cheering for touchdowns and watching the leaves turn. The fall loves fashion too, and Villa-Vogue will be keeping you up to date every step of the way. Make the fall campus your runway.