10 Totally Random Questions for…Nick Mayernik



Breanna DiMaio

1. If you were a shoe what shoe would you be? 

The self-tying shoes from Back to the Future, or bunny slippers. 

2. What cartoon character do you most self-identify with?

Brian from Family Guy.

3. Turn up or turnip?

I’m more of a radish person.

4. What’s the next great discovery that you’re most looking forward to?

My lawyers have advised me not to answer this question. 

5. Happy Drake or sad Drake? 

Drake whenever he wrote his own bars. 

6. Favorite Jersey Shore character? 


7. Hug, Marry, Punch the last three U.S. presidents?

Hug Obama for the PR, Marry Clinton for his fidelity, Punch Bush for not remembering what happens when you fool him twice.  

8. If you could be any C list celebrity who would you be?

Randy Jackson. 

9. Favorite meme?

“Overly attached girlfriend,” because I need some stability. 

10. What is your perfect day?

An endless plate of wings.