Villanova’s Holiday Village and Night Market


Courtesy of Chloe Miller

Campus Green had fire pits and festive lights at the Holiday Village and Night Market.

Maddie Schieder, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Dec. 9, the Christmas at Villanova series hosted the Holiday Village and Night Market at the Oreo and Campus Green. 

The event featured food trucks, vendors, a beer garden, photo ops and music. It ran from 3 to 9 p.m. and was flooded at every hour with students eager to jump into the holiday spirit. Not only were there more food truck options ranging from pizza to chicken and waffles, but the vendors surrounding the main campus also had a variety to offer. The circle of white tents around the decadent Christmas tree were composed of 30 vendors, mostly small businesses from around the area displaying their latest creations. There was an Athleta stand, a plethora of candles sold, local farmers markets and even homemade crochet work. 

The Villanovan spoke with Kerrin from KerrinCreates, as she expressed her feelings toward the market and her overall experience. 

“It has been really exciting to be a part of the holiday market, especially as a Villanova alum,” she said. “It is always fun to be around students and come back, I know how excited they get about the holidays.” 

Kerrin explained that the kindness of students at Villanova has never changed and that “the students are all so friendly and it is always fun to get an experience back on campus.” 

KerrinCreates makes hand-lettered ornaments and all hand-lettered things including calligraphy. Kerrin was certainly not the only vendor excited to be on campus, as all of the entrepreneurs were extremely friendly and talkative to students, which is something everyone could use more of around the holidays. 

Apart from all of the amazing items being sold and multiple free food trucks for students, there was also an ambiance on campus that felt magical.

 Not only was the Christmas tree the star of the show, but there was also a fake snow machine and snowflake projections on the roof of Connelly and twinkling icicles hanging from the trees. As one made their way to the beer garden, there were tables set up with decorative Christmas wreaths and strung lights above. Along with the tables and lights came the sound of classic holiday songs played throughout campus, and some even said it felt like they were at the North Pole. 

The University has worked hard and remained dedicated to incorporating plenty of student events on campus during these unprecedented times, and this was exactly what Villanova students needed before finals week. Nothing beats free food, Christmas lights and buying a fresh, homemade candle. Involvement on campus is extremely rewarding for students, and the Christmas at Villanova experience is a perfect example. Whether it be the illuminated dove on Connelly Center, the massive trees next to Dougherty decked out in colorful lights or the wreaths on nearly every academic building, the University has done much to help raise students’ spirits during the Holiday season.

Since Dec. 1, there has been some kind of event on campus in the spirit of the season. The last event will be held on Sunday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., which is the End of Semester Mass and Nativity Blessing. If you have not already, take the time this weekend to embrace the festivities and get involved on campus before relaxing at home for break.