Ten Signs…you’re preparing for Thanksgiving break



Sophia Pizzi

10. You’ve challenged yourself to out-eat all of your relatives. Bring it on, Uncle John.

9. You’re also mentally preparing yourself for family conversations/debates about politics. 

8. You already have a speech prepared in response to the one relative who never fails to vocalize your lack of a significant other. (NEXT YEAR GRANDMA, I PROMISE).

7. You’ve got your extra stretchy pants packed and ready to go. (For those of you who don’t, I recommend pajama jeans).

6. You’ve been training for your annual family football game.

5. Who you callin’ turkey? 

4. You have blueprints of your local mall mapped out with all the deals you’ll be hunting down on Black Friday. 

3. And you already miss the money you’re going to spend while shopping. 

2. Even though you’re preparing for Thanksgiving, you’re simultaneously preparing for the onslaught of Christmas music, wreaths, red ribbons, ugly sweaters, and gingerbread lattes.

1. You’ve been making a mental list of everything you’re grateful for, and you end that list by thanking not only God but Jesus for this wonderful holiday season. #blessed.