Season six of “The Walking Dead” brings cast to life



Eddie Brancale

So far this season on “The Walking Dead,” each episode has carried its own action-packed, emotional weight that has not been seen for some time. In previous seasons, the show frequently intertwines action packed episodes with more laid-back, discussion—fueled episodes. This week, with “Now,” the show chooses the latter, taking a break from the dangers of the world outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. For many, this episode will serve as just a filler, a space of time dedicated to a recovery from the quick pace undertaken by the first quarter of the season. 

Some key moments gave insight into the mindsets of the characters going forward, as Rick was finally seen as a capable leader, Aaron coped with a guilty conscience, and Maggie revealed that she was pregnant with Glenn’s child. Overall, the episode had its moments, but turned more soap opera than action thriller as the episode dragged on. 

Last week, the show explored the journey of fan-favorite Morgan, and how he found his way back to Rick and the group. Interestingly, the show shifted focus from the Alexandria Safe-Zone to Morgan, seemingly where Rick left him off in season three. The episode introduced Eastman, a tragic character who helped Morgan regain his sanity and inspired him to continue on in the horrible world that they have been dealt. 

The phenomenal 90-minute episode answered many questions, but took the show out of the present action, where a week earlier Glenn, a central character and fan-favorite since season one, was seemingly killed off. 

Fans coming into this week’s episode looking for answers were disappointed when the show decided not to answer the burning question of Glenn’s fate. Instead, the show turned to the inhabitants of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and their recovery from a recent attack from the “Wolves,” a mysterious, violent group. 

This provided a few interesting moments, including a powerful exchange between Alexandria leader Deanna and her youngest son in the wake of tragedy, including the death of her husband and oldest son. 

Elsewhere, Aaron, one of the most likeable characters on the show, copes with the guilt of leading the intruders into the community, while also aiding Maggie in her search for Glenn. The two shared a nice dynamic, but their positive attitude towards Glenn’s survival seemed forced. 

Rick returned to the community after a run in with several walkers, but the episode neglected to explain how he made it back. When we last saw Rick, he was trapped in a broken down RV surrounded by dozens of walkers, with seemingly no way out. It would have been interesting to see how Rick managed to maneuver his way out of a near-impossible trap, and the show leaving that sequence out seemed curious. Also, Rick’s relationship with Alexandria resident Jessie turned romantic, as Rick finally showed his romantic interest. 

After an episode focusing solely on his journey, Morgan had a very small role in this episode, helping Rick get back into the community but disappearing afterward. Morgan’s characterization has been one of the more interesting storylines of this season, a concept the show hopefully expands upon even more. Fan-favorites Carol and Daryl were noticeably absent from this episode. Based on previews of next week’s episode, the show will answer questions as to Daryl’s whereabouts, as well as the fates of both Abraham and Sasha.  

Every episode can’t be as engaging as weeks past, as “The Walking Dead” brought the first quarter of the season to a screeching halt. Overall, this episode had its moments, but proved to be the weakest entry in an otherwise strong beginning to the sixth season.