10 Totally Random Questions for…Richelle Hurley



Brett Klein

1. Would you rather be a professional underwater basket weaver or a professional quidditch player, and why? 

Okay, don’t hate me… but I’ve never seen Harry Potter. Everyone always says they’ll make me watch it, but they never do. Plus, I like swimming. So I’m going to go professional underwater basket weaver. 

2. What would you imagine Batman would order at Minella’s? 

I feel like Batman would be there super late at night, and when people go super late to Minella’s, they usually order breakfast food. So pancakes? Or maybe waffles?  

3. Nintendo 64, Playstation 2 or Xbox 360? 

Wow, I am so uncultured. I haven’t played on any of these. I’ve heard good things about Nintendo 64, so let’s go with that. 

4. In three words or less, describe your Thanksgiving Day. 

Stuffing, stuffing, stuffing. 

5. Do you think you could beat Dr. Dre in a game of word association? Why or why not? 

I’m struggling just to answer this question… so no, probably not. 

6. How many chicken wings is too many? In other words, where do you draw the fowl line? 

Hmm I’m just gonna wing this one… the limit does not exist (DUH BUFF CHICK FOREVER).

7. Was Jimmy Neutron’s head huge because he was smart, or was he smart because his head was huge? 


8. Make a case for why the Southern Hemisphere is better than the Northern Hemisphere. 

It’s home to South Pole, aka the greatest clothing brand of all time. 

9. What does your family use to decorate the Christmas tree? 

Their hands. 

10. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then how many pictures is worth one word?