Don’t freeze out || Winter fashion guidelines



Joanna Carbone

It’s official: winter is here. Snow began to fall on campus, leaving me not only stranded indoors, but also incredibly cold and unprepared for the drop in temperature. I had been in a naïve state, thinking that maybe this winter our lowest temperatures would be in the 40s, but my dreams have been shattered. In response, I’m ready to give winter my best shot.

Dressing for the winter always seems to be a battle between being warm and looking cute. The best example of this struggle are girls dressed for formals, running through the quad in a mini-skirt and four-inch heels, while I trudge over to Connelly with a thermos of steaming hot coffee, insulated boots, a down jacket, gloves, a scarf and many more layers. 

So where is the balance? I’d choose to be warm over bright red and freezing any day, but how can those of us that want to look well-dressed and be warm at the same time achieve both? 

A winter jacket is an obvious choice, but there are a variety of jacket styles to choose from: the puffer, the parka, the trench, the duffle, the pea and so on. The puffer is the staple—quilted and filled with feathers for extra warmth. However, the puffer often lacks flare and style. This year, I think a parka or trench-inspired jacket will be a much better call. When it comes to a fabric choice, I prefer a wool coat over a down jacket, because the fabric is warm and is  much more flattering to wear. Down coats are too bulky and lack the character of wool coats.

While most winter accessories are ageless, scarves have taken a turn this year. Skinny scarves are the biggest scarf trend for 2016, but they offer little warmth for the winter weather. To not go against this trend, but still have your neck snuggled in warmth, try a cowl neck or mock-turtleneck. This year there has been a revival of cowlneck and turtleneck sweaters. The necklines are not only more flattering, but also more interesting. More importantly, they retain   warmth, while still on trend.

Winter boots are another necessity. I recommend having two styles of winter boots: a snow boot and an everyday boot. Snow boots come in a variety of styles and colors, there isn’t much room to deviate here. They are a must if you are someone prone to slipping on ice. It isn’t always snowing on campus, so it might be nice to have a boot that will keep you warm, while also being cute and less bulky than one designed for snow. I recommend over -the-knee-boots this season, rather than tall boots (especially due to the Han Solo boot meme). Over-the-knee boots will not only be warmer, but they also allow for thicker high socks to remain hidden. 

Do not use the winter weather as an excuse to wear sweatpants just because they are warmer. There are plenty of stylish options this winter! Take advantage of the tailgate this Saturday before the basketball game as your chance to try out some of these cold weather styling tips!