10 Signs…Winter is finally here

Sarah Harris

10. The temperature is consistently below 40 degrees and the trees are no longer filled with the colorful fall leaves.

9. Hats, gloves and scarves have become necessary everyday accessories.

8. The appearance of snow boots and shoes has increased tremendously around campus.

7. The use of large coats is no longer an option.

6. Walking down the sidewalk is like playing a game of Tetris. Each step is perfectly placed and fits with the non-icy parts of the sidewalk.

5. There is an increased number of throwback beach pictures on Instagram with captions that desperately plead for the return of summer.

4. Hot coffees are more popular than the iced coffees at Holy Grounds.

3. Students walking around in shorts are silently judged for their refusal to accept the season change.

2. The northeast wind haunts each student on the walk from South campus to Main or Main campus to West. It creeps around the student, then attacks from behind.

1. The first snow day of the year has come and gone. This means that winter is here to stay.