Ten Signs… it (was) spring break.

Eric Bellomo

1. You find yourself balancing nervous/anxious/study eating with sculpting your washboard abs. 

2. By “balancing,”I mean you consume enough disco fries to not even bother starting your first set of sit-ups.

3. You came back to campus with sunburns in the most impossible places – eyelids, the one spot you cannot reach on your back, the one square inch of your inner arm that the spray sunscreen missed.

4. You went to Florida for spring break. People assumed you would spend your time in Daytona Beach getting crazy but you actually spent the week in a retirement community perfecting the art of bocce ball.

5. You’re realizing that the week’s expenditures mean you will probably have to go to Costco and get a 50-pound bag of rice to ration for the rest of the semester.

6. You will probably get some serious FOMO when your friends from home have a normally scheduled spring break, where the median age is below 60.

7. When you find the books you brought home under a pile of bathing suits and realize they should probably be op…nah, they will be fine, you can do that assignment tomorrow.

8. You relish every second of your tan before returning to windy weather resembling a frozen tundra.

9. You make a quote list from the week that will help you laugh your way through the busiest and most stressful weeks.

10. The Sunday before classes that is supposed to be dedicated to procrastinated work is actually dedicated to a reunion with friends, filled with plenty of laughs.