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Julie Piscina

It was a huge year for the film industry. With messages about race, the environment and being trapped in a room for like seven years, this was one for the books. Tears were shed, history was made and children stayed up far past their bedtime. For the sake of time and space, I am going to go through the Oscars and give out my own awards to those I think deserve it, because, why not?

The Rookie: The adorable little boy from “Room,” Jacob Tremblay. First of all, a quick family selfie was presented to the public before the show started, which showed everyone how cute Jacob is and how hot his parents are. Bravo to the Tremblays,  we are so pleased to meet you. 

The “Aw, I love her!” Woman of the Night: Rachel McAdams. Every time she appears on a screen or a stage, every girl exclaims something along the lines of “Ugh, I just love her” or “She’s gorgeous all the time.” Because it’s true. The film she was in, “Spotlight,” took home Best Picture, so we’re very happy for her and the ever handsome Mark Ruffalo, who looked so snazzy in a navy blue tux with just enough salt and pepper to keep us googly-eyed. McAdams, keep doing you, because wow.

 The Tear-Jerker: Lady Gaga performed her song, “Til It Happens To You” from the documentary “The Hunting Ground.” The performance was insanely moving, with dozens of sexual assault survivors joining her on stage to send the strong and important message that sexual violence to anyone and everyone must end. Alluding to Gaga’s own struggle with sexual violence, the song was as beautiful as it was pertinent. This led to some eyebrow raising when the song did not win Best Original Song, which instead went to Sam Smith and the new “James Bond” theme song, “Writing’s on the Wall.” Oscar or not, Lady Gaga slayed and sent the message loud and clear that sexual assault is unacceptable. Go Gaga. 

The “Who is that? Cuz damn” Woman of the Night: Alicia Vikander. Bringing home the gold in the category of Best Supporting Actress, Alicia turned heads with her amazing performance in “The Danish Girl”and with her bright yellow dress. New to the red carpet, and new to our hearts. 

The Undefeated Team You Love or Hate: The cast and crew of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Whether you loved the movie, hated it, didn’t see it or genuinely did not know about it, “Mad Max” went on an Oscar spree, collecting awards for the following categories: Best Makeup, Best Production Design, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing, Best Film Editing and Best Costume Design. Basically they had the best parts, but not the best whole. It happens.

The WMVP: Brie Larson. Snagging that blue ribbon for Best Actress, Larson stole our hearts with her little celebration with Jacob Tremblay, the Rookie of the Year (kid is like eight). Larson’s performance in “Room” was outstanding. Playing a woman trapped inside a shed for the entirety of her son’s life, Larson made us laugh, cry and think during her performance, and she also just seems like a real down-to-earth kind of gal. She’d probably thrive anywhere. 

The MMVP: The moment you knew was coming. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. The build-up to this moment was insane. The commercial breaks, the suspense, the look on his face as he devoured Girl Scout cookies to calm his nerves. This was his moment. And what’s more, he used it to shed light on the environmental crisis that our world is facing. Just a good guy. Everyone swooned when he smiled holding that little gold statue in his hands. He and Kate Winslett made eye contact and she cried tears of joy for her number one guy, and we cried rivers because they should be together. You deserve it, Leo. 

Overall, the film industry was overwhelmed with talent this year. However, controversy struck because of the lack of representation in regard to minorities in the business. Racial discrimination was a heavy and prevalent topic this year, and although it was addressed often, it is still a glitch in Hollywood that has not been figured out. All things aside, some amazing films were created this year and some amazing talent soared. So congrats to the winners (I know you’re probably all reading this)!