Donald Trump and the media

Eddie Brancale

When Donald Trump initially announced his campaign for presidency, many people (including me) disregarded the move as a glorified publicity stunt. Surely a businessman with little political expertise would not be considered a serious presidential candidate. Almost a year later, Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, surpassing the likes of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, candidates much more representative of the Republican agenda. Some wonder why Trump, a candidate without much prior political experience, could possibly be outrunning his opponents by so much. Well, it’s because of us! The media has glorified Trump to the point where he is almost larger than life. People are hard-pressed to go a day without having a conversation about Donald Trump, and his name has gained greater recognition than previously thought possible. Every newspaper, website and news program around the nation is talking about one topic: Donald Trump. While it may not always be in a positive light, the coverage of Trump has not only bolstered his appeal, but has also bolstered his confidence, and he appears primed to take the GOP nomination when all is said and done. 

While Trump may not be everyone’s favorite person, no one can deny his charisma and speaking ability. His rallies are loud and exuberant, and he is able to empathize with his crowd. His ability to charge up a crowd has garnered comparisons to several fascist dictators, and his supporters occasionally tend to add fuel to that fire. Violence has been prevalent at many Trump rallies, and Trump himself has been highly supportive of his supporters acting violently towards detractors at his events, even offering to pay their legal fees. The media has been there every step of the way, but even as more of Trump’s controversial behavior has been caught on camera, his support has only grown. 

Trump’s rallies are not his only source of influence, as his social media presence has become a signature of his campaign. Take Twitter for example. While his opponent’s tweets are usually professionally written and generic, Trump’s tweets are much more pointed and personal, and he has not been afraid to attack his opponents through social media, specifically GOP opposition Ted Cruz. He has shown a significant lack of respect for his opponents, even poking fun at Marco Rubio when he lost his home state of Florida to Trump. Trump is not afraid to speak his mind without a filter, but you have to wonder if that is really what is needed to be the next Republican candidate, yet alone the next president of the United States. 

Media coverage of Trump has contained much of the allure of this presidential race, but not all are amused by his outlandish behavior. “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah was quick to call out Trump for being two-faced, while “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver unloaded on Trump in a long rant that criticized his hypocrisy, militant-style campaign and overall unfit-stature for the White House. 

The campaign of Donald Trump is unprecedented, to say the least, and media coverage of his campaign has only expanded his reach. We may not know who will win the presidential election, but it is safe to say the media will have a hand in whoever does.