10 Signs… Villanova just became NATIONAL CHAMPS

Brenna Fallows

1. You woke up Tuesday sore, voiceless, tired and yet still radiant from rallying through campus. 

2. Kris Jenkins’ game-winning three brings tears to your eyes, even though you’ve watched it on loop a hundred times.

3. Every form of social media has been a blur of blue, white and Wildcats since the game. 

4. You don’t feel the least bit of sympathy for North Carolina because that’s exactly how we’ve felt since 1985.

5. The lines at the bookstore have been wrapped around the store every time you’ve gone, but that hasn’t stood in the way of your new championship gear.

6. Homework? Class?

7. There are more families on campus than you’ve ever seen, and it feels like the whole city of Philadelphia is celebrating with us. 

8. You’ve gloated to all your friends that had us losing in the second round in their brackets (even if you did, too).

9. We didn’t just win a close game. We won a game in the most quintessentially Villanova way, with high stress, class and an unstoppable attitude.

10. The whole country is talking about us. The ‘Nova Nation is bigger than it’s ever been before.