SGA election statistics and runoff



Caroline Foley

Last week, current SGA President Kyle Lubiejewski and Vice President Pat Long announced the runoff election between Roenitz Puszcz and Rogers Miller on Mnoday, April 18 at noon online with VU Groups.

We have since caught up with Robert Roenitz and John Puszcz about the results and future of their campaign.


The Villanovan: What do you make of the results?

Roenitz and Puszcz: We are excited to have received the most amount of votes out of any candidate.  It is great to have the support of so many Villanovans.  We really appreciate everyone who believes in us and is looking FORWARD TOGETHER.  


The Villanovan: Do you think the debate enhanced your platform in any way?

Roenitz and Puszcz: The debate was an excellent opportunity to distinguish our platform from our opponents.  We are running a heavily issue-based campaign and we enjoyed highlighting that for the crowd the other night.


The Villanovan: How did you feel after the debate?

Roenitz and Puszcz: We were excited for the voting to begin.  At that point, many people knew our platforms so the only thing left in the process was voting.  The Villanovan arranged a great debate and we really appreciate the publicity they have provided us throughout the campaign.


The Villanovan: How will you move forward in your campaign? 

Roenitz and Puszcz: We will move FORWARD TOGETHER in our campaign, gathering the support of students from all across campus.  We care about every student here at Villanova.  We hope to meet as many people as we can so individual students can get to know us and our platform better.


The Villanovan: If you could sum up your platform in three sentences, how would you do so?

Roenitz and Puszcz: Caring about every student on campus, we hope to allow opportunities for them to attend more basketball games by investigating the basketball lottery while also creating a more inclusive Student Government.  We also look forward to ensuring transparency in the transition to an armed police force while advocating for a more compassionate alcohol policy.  There is a lot of change going on at Villanova and in order to adapt properly, we need to move FORWARD TOGETHER!


The Villanovan: Did you expect the results to be so close?

Roenitz and Puszcz: Although we expected to come in first, we were aware that we had motivated competition.   We look forward to working hard in this next round of elections.


The Villanovan: What do you make of the clause in the SGA constitution that allows seniors to vote?

Roenitz and Puszcz: Every undergraduate student should be able to vote in the election. Seniors have been on campus the longest out of any student.  Their experience helps them determine what Villanova needs to become a better University.