Restaurant Review: MOD



Dana Hogan


It appears as though create-your-own, ultra-customizable dining is taking over the casual fast food world. From burritos to stir fry, just about every type of cuisine seems to have its own take on this new trend. MOD Pizza has jumped on board and is providing customers with tasty personal pizzas and salads, perfect for a quick and satisfying bite.

Upon walking into the Wayne restaurant, diners are greeted warmly by the friendly staff and the (not so surprisingly) modern decor. On the menu board that precedes the assembly-line style preparation area, customers can read over some of the restaurant’s suggested pizzas or glance over the various cheeses, meats and veggies they can choose for their custom pie. I indecisively sauntered along the long counter full of so many delicious options, ultimately chose to put my own personal spin on things, and decided on a pizza with a garlic rub base, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken and roasted red peppers, finished with a pesto drizzle. Though the “MODshakes,” MOD’s hand spun milkshakes with your choice of various mix-ins, were overwhelmingly tempting, I decided instead to try one of their house-made iced teas. After ordering and paying for my very reasonably priced custom creation, I chose a seat and waited for my name to be called.

Upon receiving my pizza, I was pleased with the variety of colors and the wonderful aroma. Sure enough, the taste test proved as satisfying as the visuals and smells, as it was cooked to perfection and just as tasty as I had hoped. Not only was the pizza fresh and made just to my liking, but the homemade iced tea was also refreshing and enjoyable. Call me crazy, but perhaps one of my favorite aspects of my MOD experience was the ice. Their ice is that perfect crumbly ice that is perfect for munching on after your meal. When it came time for post-meal ice chomping, I still had plenty of pie left over to save for lunch the next day, much to my delight. 

Though MOD is great at what it does, it is not the only “Chipotle-goes-pizza” option in the world, let alone on the Main Line. It does have some stand out features, however, and is a great choice for casual, yummy dining. My only regret is not indulging in a MODshake, so you can be sure I will be back for both the pizza and a shake!