SoulCycle Transforms our Perception of Group Exercise Classes



Deanna Passaretti

This past May, the trendy fitness studio SoulCycle opened its first Pennsylvania location in Suburban Square, Ardmore.  

SoulCycle is a unique indoor cycling experience that includes 45 minutes of pedaling, cardio, hand weights, core work and most importantly, choreography.  As the company’s website claims, “SoulCycle doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives.” 

I’ve been an avid participant in SoulCycle since I discovered a studio near my hometown in Short Hills, NJ.  I had been going to indoor cycling classes for four years leading up to my first Soul experience, but none of them compared to my 45 minutes of dance-cycling-therapy fusion that I endured at SoulCycle.

When I discovered last semester that SoulCycle was coming to Ardmore, I planned my entire fall semester schedule around when I wanted to go to classes.  Yes—my experience at SoulCycle was that good.  

I signed up for my first Ardmore class as soon as I returned to school on Tuesday, August 23.  

The layout of SoulCycle Ardmore was similar, but better than the studio I had been to in Short Hills.  I was greeted by the amazing scent of Jonathon Adler candles I had grown to love and the smiling faces of the front desk employees.  

The energy hits you immediately and the music blares as loudly in the lobby as it will during class.  Every experience I’ve had with the employees at SoulCycle has been positive, and this was no exception at the new Ardmore location.  They set me up with shoes and water as soon as I walked in and demonstrated how to use their lockers.  

Inside the actual studio, 56 bikes are arranged in a stadium style, with 12 bikes along the mirror facing the instructor’s bike in the middle.  The 56 bikes in this room were impressive compared to the 50 I was used to at my home studio—50 that were almost always taken no matter the day of the week or the time of day.  

The room is candlelit to provide a more intimate experience.  

Most instructors will include a song where riders are encouraged to close their eyes and sprint for the entirety of the song, which contributes to their mission to “clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.”  I definitely can back up this statement after my experiences at the new studio.

Another definite plus of the Ardmore location is the cheaper cost (a mere $4 cheaper, but every dollar counts), which could save you $70 in the 30 class package deal in comparison to other states.  Coming from a state that charged the extra $4, the cheaper cost in Pennsylvania is my favorite part of the new studio.  

SoulCycle Ardmore has five instructors, but is likely to expand as the location gains popularity and customers throughout its first year.  

I’ve taken classes with Nick, Ryan, and Alexis Rose, all of which were equal in quality to the instructors I had grown to love at Short Hills.  Just like at every other studio, every instructor has a unique style and music preference that will change the way you ride with every class.  

I’m planning on trying the final two instructors, Sabine and Yael, this upcoming week.  I’ll also be attending Nick’s theme ride, Lady Gaga vs. Sia, this week—theme rides are held periodically at all studios at the discretion of the instructor (and they are crazy fun).  

I’ve now taken 13 classes at SoulCycle Ardmore, 28 classes in total, and am more in love with SoulCycle than ever.  I’ve lost 15 pounds since my return to SoulCycle and I can’t recommend it enough not only for its physical health benefits, but for the emotional benefits it provides as well.  

From the moment you clip into the bike, you feel empowered, in control and confident and its all because of the amazing instructors and atmosphere you can find right at the corner of Suburban Square.  I’ve always considered these classes to be worth every penny and SoulCycle Ardmore is no exception.