iOS 10 lets you text with confetti

Nicole Blekhter

About a week has passed since Apple released its new software update, iOS 10, and Apple users have are mixed feelings. There are so many new things to learn and it can certainly get frustrating! From the layout of the phone screens to new messaging features, the changes are endless, and now we have even more reasons to procrastinate with our phones.

Apple has decided to make a big change to how the iPhone is unlocked. Instead of swiping right, now the home button has to be pressed. This can definitely be a bit confusing, as our fingers tend to automatically swipe our screens to the right, but instead of unlocking the device this brings you to a screen of short cuts. This new feature seems to be one that will take the longest time to get accustomed to. 

The layout of text messaging has been completely transformed. There are now four different options on the top bar: camera, digital touch, music GIF and the text box. The camera option now allows you to not only have easy access to picture selection, but also to take pictures on the bottom of the text screen. This feature simplifies the process of sending pictures over text messages. Digital touch allows people to send handwritten messages or sketches as well as digital heartbeat designs through text messages. This takes creativity through text messages to a whole new level, as people can now interact through hand written images. Next, Apple has included a new feature of sending music or GIFs through text. GIFs have become very popular over the past year, and Apple users are definitely getting a kick out of communicating through the moving images. Lastly, the text box remains the same, except for the small change of removing the ‘Send’ button and simplifying it to an arrow. 

Another texting feature is the ability to react to messages. This feature is very similar to Facebook, but there are some additional reactions. The features include: heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, ‘ha-ha’, exclamation and question mark. Now Apple users can take their emotions in communication to a whole new level! 

The layout for photos has been transformed into a more organized and easily accessible app. Another album, Faces, has been added, called Faces, which allows Apple users to easily access the different people in their photos. The memories feature puts together photos based on their location and gives a recap of the “best of the last three months.” The photos application has been updated for better usage and easier access to pictures. 

Overall, Apple has gone above and beyond with iOS 10. It has definitely succeeded in pleasing iPhone users, although it may take a while for some people to adjust. With the new devices coming out, Apple is introducing a whole new generation of technology and there are many exciting things to look forward to. To all iPhone users out there, even though they can be very addictive and fun, try not to get too carried away with the new features!