Restaurant Review: Terrain Café

Maddie Schieder

The perfect brunch spot with a captivating aesthetic and a tasteful menu sits just down the road. Its name is Terrain Café, and it is located in Devon, PA. 


According to the Terrain website, “A little over a decade ago, an idea began to germinate… Our founder, Dick Hayne, having just rekindled a friendship with his own garden but wanting for a local source of inspiration, set about gathering a group of like-minded plant, home, and design enthusiasts who would soon become the first Terrain employees.”


The menu and vibe of the café are all one could want in a brunch spot. Not only does it accommodate brunch, but it also has a diverse dinner menu. 


Stated on the website, Terrain Café allows for patio and dining room seating, takeout and delivery and even caters for special events. It offers a wide selection of starters, from its classic cheese board to truffle fries. On the lighter side, it also serves salads consisting of a grilled peach salad, burrata and strawberry spinach salad. Moving to the “On Bread” section of the menu, one will find options from avocado toast to the “Terrain Burger” (a fan favorite). 


Some delicious suggestions are the Harvest Bowl, Brioche French Toast, Breakfast Board and any of the coffee selections. Let’s not forget about the bread, which is phenomenal and served in a flowerpot. 


On top of all of these wonderful flavors, all the food is locally grown. There is a section on the menu titled “Farms and Purveyors” which lists what local farmers the restaurant has partnered with for the best ingredients. 


Enough about the diverse menu. Let’s talk about the ambiance. The photos of this place speak for themselves, but to put it into words, it is majestic and beautiful. Since Terrain is a plant shop, one can imagine how many plants and nature-like features are inside of the dining room. On top of the impeccable décor, the roof is made of windows opening up the entire restaurant and letting in the sunshine. The lighting always ends up being perfect for photos and adds for a great post to one’s social media feed. Not only is the ambiance beautiful, but so is the cutlery, cups and mugs. 


Terrain Café is not just limited to Pennsylvania residents. It also has locations in Century City, CA, Palo Alto, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, Westport, CT and Bethesda, MD. Most, if not all, of these locations are attached to their own Terrain store, along with Anthropologie, a well-known American clothing retailer that complements the Terrain brand perfectly. If you are a plant lover, food lover or clothing lover, I highly suggest taking a 10-minute drive to Terrain Café the next time you have a free weekend to explore the luxuries this gem has to offer.