Horoscopes for The Week of Friday September 3


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Horoscopes for The Week of Friday September 3

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

Aries: You are feeling challenged by the actions of those around you. While they might not align  with your own views, do not let others’ choices affect what you do and how you act. Your straightforward and tenacious personality is a great quality, but don’t let it overtake your cool.

Taurus: You will find yourself with an unexpected change in your life. With the beginning of every semester comes adjustment, but this year presents a new dynamic you really aren’t used to. Change can be hard, but if you stay persistent through the awkward period, you will come out the other side feeling refreshed.

Gemini: A new opportunity is staring you in the face. You’re still trying to figure things out and that’s a good thing. But make sure you aren’t negatively affecting others in the meantime. Fear of failure or of the unknown is normal. Take some time to figure out what it is you really want so when it comes time to go for it, there is no hesitation. 

Cancer: It’s easy to feel a little bit invisible sometimes. Even if you shine bright for yourself and those around you, you can still find yourself feeling like it isn’t enough. This semester, take time to work on feeling satisfied with you and you only, because who you are is pretty great. 

Leo: This is your moment. The Sun’s orbit is casting a particularly bright aura around the luck of all the Leos, so use that extra energy and channel it into something that will not only be productive, but fuel your spirit and passions. 

Virgo: An overwhelming sense of goodness will surround you this week. Whether it be friends, your own actions or just a stranger doing something kind, you will find yourself surprised by the unexpected kindness of people this week. Make sure to pass it on. 

Libra: We all have those moments that embarrass us and Libra, you’re still reeling from some of them. The good news is, you tend to blow moments out of proportion upon overthinking them after they have occurred, so rest assured, no one is thinking twice about the way you acted. Who knows, if the stars are right, those funny moments might turn into conversation starters in the future. 

Scorpio: Space and time are essential to some relationships. Sometimes, it’s okay to take some time for yourself. It doesn’t mean that the relationship is failing, just that you are giving it space to grow. You might be internally struggling with letting go, but the sooner you let go of what you think you should do, the faster the right thing to do will present itself. 

Sagittarius: Smiling through everything doesn’t always mean you are fine with what is happening. You see the happiness of those around you and are supportive of them, but it still hurts to see people moving on without you. This week, acknowledge that sadness and take steps towards that new chapter in your life. 

Capricorn: While you might be feeling like all your hard work is going unnoticed, know that you are on the path to achievement. The key in the upcoming weeks is to keep your head down and to stay focused on what you do best. That way, you will have no distractions of doubt and will be able to take on each new challenge head on. 

Aquarius:  You haven’t been afraid recently, and it is paying off. Let the adventure you’re on take you to places you’ve never been, and reap all the benefits. Soon enough you will have to end the doe eyed adventure, so take advantage of every moment that this new growth gives you. 

Pisces: Indecisiveness is suffocating you. You’re very in tune to your emotions, so you understand why you aren’t making any decisions. However, with each passing moment, this lack of decision making is putting a dent in your peace of mind and of others who might be involved. This week, try to take steps towards some sort of end goal. Your head and heart will be better for it.