The University continues Early Action Candidates’ Day tradition



Song-Binh Ngo

 Most Villanova students who visited the University on Early Action Candidates’ Weekend remember the feeling of driving down Lancaster Avenue on that morning: that tingling feeling of excitement and anxiety all wrapped into one as you hear the cheers of the Villanova Ambassadors and Blue Key Society echoing down Lancaster Avenue as you get closer and closer to campus. And who can forget that unforgettable feeling of walking through the spirit tunnel into the Pavilion where the Villanova Band, current students, faculty, and University President, Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Ph.D., were ready to welcome you to the Villanova community?

 Early Action Candidates’ Weekend, which took place on Feb. 10 and 11 of this year, was an especially special one for the University. The number of students and families attending this year’s Early Action Candidates’ Weekend was a record for the University. 

 “We had over 1,000 students attend the event and almost 3,000 total guests with us for the weekend,” Caroline Manion, one of the Candidates’ Day student chairs, said. “It was our largest Candidates’ Day we’ve ever hosted, which was very exciting.” 

 The record number of students and families who attended Early Action Candidates’ Weekend was not a big surprise due to the increase in visits to the University on a weekly basis throughout the past summer and academic year. 

 “We have definitely seen an increase in visitors to the admissions Office for campus tours over the past year,” Manion said. “Last year, we saw 56,000 visitors come through the office and this year, we are projecting that we will see 60,000 visitors over the course of the academic year and the summer.” 

 With the increase in the number of visiting families this year came the responsibility of planning and coordinating that involved numerous student volunteers and the faculty from the University’s four different colleges which each host academic presentations throughout the weekend for perspective students. Planning for the weekend began in the Fall during which the University’s Office of Admissions assembled a Candidates’ Day Committee, a team of 19 student volunteers from Villanova Ambassadors and the Blue Key Society. These 19 student chairs have various roles in organizing the weekend’s events and work with various offices throughout campus, such as Public Safety and Student Involvement, in order to ensure that the weekend runs smoothly. 

 In addition to the 19 student chairs, there were about 300 student volunteers who came out and volunteered throughout the weekend to give tours and lead perspective students and families around campus. “We also rely heavily on our student volunteers to bring energy and excitement to the weekend as well as talk to our visiting families throughout the weekend and answer any questions they might have,” Manion said. 

 The word “community” is a word that often comes to mind when asked about Villanova. The Candidate’s Day tradition here at the University is a special one that truly showcases the University’s sense of community. With the hundreds of student volunteers and faculty members who give their time to show prospective students their favorite aspects of the University, whether it be through giving tours of campus or volunteering at the Activities Fair, prospective students truly get a sense of why current students here love Villanova. “Candidates’ Day is so special because it really shows you the care and community that Villanova is all about,” Erin McKenna, a Villanova Ambassador, said. “As a prospective student two years ago, I felt like all of the Villanovans wanted to make me feel welcome and make Villanova feel like home to me. Now I love doing that for other students and showing them how amazing of a school and home Villanova is.”