Why Does Peet’s Coffee Hit Different?

Emma Stecher

Perhaps you’ve seen the sign near King of Prussia or the bottom floor of the Connelly Center, the capital P symbolizing coveted coffee grounds. Peet’s Coffee gives us the sultry taste of blended and “brewed to perfection” coffee. There is simply no other coffee chain quite like it, but why is it that even in a world filled with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, Peet’s still comes through when we need it to?

Take for instance Holy Grounds. People are serving Peet’s daily to thousands of students. The line in the Connelly Center wraps around the tables nearly every day, with people eager to get their caramel or chai lattés and muffins. It just seems like more and more people cannot get enough of Peet’s.

This could have to do with the difference in coffee formula with Peet’s. The company makes it a priority not just to put the flavoring syrup in your cup of coffee, but also to brew the grounds so one gets that authentic taste every morning. Even when you walk into its coffee shops, you can smell the strong scent of coffee beans as employees package some to sell and get others ready to be made into drinks. Even outside of the official Peet’s shops, people are drawn to the crisp flavor of a cup of coffee from Peet’s, even if it is from campus. 

“I never really used to drink Peet’s before coming to Villanova, but now I’m obsessed,” freshman Cameron Logan said. “The taste and the smell are what gets me.”

The taste and smell are not the only thing people love about Peet’s. Not so much on campus, but in the actual Peet’s coffee shops, ordering a cup of coffee and enjoying it while there is an experience. Customers automatically are buying into an experience as they are buying their coffee. The whole vibe of a Peet’s shop is a stereotypical artsy and laid-back coffee shop. People chill in there doing work, some people come in and out and others are mesmerized by the art on the wallpaper. The baristas are pretty stereotypical too, with their beanies, tattoos and piercings. Perhaps Peet’s plays into the artsy, sometimes more emo, sides to people that they do not get to explore a lot. 

All in all, Peet’s offers an escape from the hustle of each day. That escape topped with a nice brewed, flavorful cup of coffee is unbeatable. It is a customer’s five dollars and fifty cents well spent on a drink that does not taste like straight water. Even if a customer is not willing to pay that price, Peet’s coffee on campus is significantly cheaper at a whopping three to four dollars. It’s no wonder then how Peet’s stands as a top tier coffee brand amongst so many others. So, the next time you are on campus, do not forget to pay a visit at any of the Holy Grounds. You will not want to miss the exquisite experience of Peet’s coffee, especially at a valuable price.