Cost Saving Corner: The Barnes Foundation



Cassie McHugh Culture Editor

Bored of your week-in, week-out routine? Switch it up without breaking the bank. Philadelphia is just a short train ride away and is home to a number of budget-friendly, pace-changing events that often go overlooked by students.  

The Barnes Foundation, located just off the Banjamin Franklin Parkway, moved to its current home in Philadelphia in 2012. The museum features the artistic collection of Dr. Albert Coombs Barnes. Dr. Barnes and his wife Laura dedicated much of their lives to promoting the appreciation of fine art and horticulture.

Today, the Barnes Foundation carries on Dr. Barnes’ legacy and features one of the world’s largest collections of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern paintings and African sculptures. 

Both art fanatics and those who have never set foot in a fine arts museum before have something to discover at the site. The gallery is set on over four acres of landscaped grounds. Inside, the art is arranged in symmetrical fashion and paired with furniture and other artifacts.    

Admission is free on weekdays and ten dollars on weekends for college students with a valid ID.  

Students who are willing to pay an additional fee can elect to take a guided tour of the collection and learn more about the history of the foundation.

The gallery is easily accessible by both public transportation and by car. More information can be found on the foundation’s website. 

Check back in future issues of the Villanovan for more low cost ideas to spice up your same-old.