What to Wear to Class in the Unexpected Heat in Radnor

Maddie Schieder

There is nothing worse than realizing you have a class on West campus on a day when the weather does not drop below 75 degrees. If you are like me, you are ready for the fall weather that Villanova experiences. In the meantime, we must prepare for the heat wave coming over campus. 


At times like this, it is important to dress for the occasion, since one would rather not show up to class drenched and covered in sweat marks. The question is, what do I wear? Given that the classrooms on campus tend to be a bit chillier than it is outside, always make sure to bring a light jacket. But, for the walk over, the fewer layers the better. This means that shorts, a tank top, a nice athletic dress or skirt with some trusty walking shoes is the way to go. Blisters are not our friend, so prepare by wearing your comfiest pair of shoes. A water bottle is an accessory in this weather, so always have one filled up for your walk to class. 


It would also be helpful to invest in one of those hand-held mini fans from Walmart or even CVS to make the walk to class more enjoyable. Having to take a bathroom break just to cool down before entering a classroom is not ideal. If you have long hair, do not bother styling it. Instead, go for the classic ponytail or claw clip (no matter how basic it may sound).


In terms of clothes, Amazon should become your friend. Overnight shipping, reasonably priced athletic clothing and good quality are all positives in my book. Amazon has anything one could imagine, especially when wanting to achieve that cute but comfy look with a tennis skirt or athletic dress. Comfort is key when the weather does not oblige. 


Prepare for the walk across campus the night before by hydrating and planning what you want to wear. Go for clothing made of linen, jersey or cotton, as these are best for staying cool yet put together. Sticking to lighter colors is a great option because they absorb less sun than darker colors. Lastly, go for looser cuts and styles as it feels cooler on hotter days. Tight tops or shorts are no fun in the sun, especially when walking from Bartley to West with a 10-minute gap. 


In addition to the heat, Father Peter’s most recent email requires masks indoors. We all know that this will not help one cool down, so wait until the last moment to put that mask on. Choose a lighter material or breathable mask that is more suitable for hot weather. Masks made by Athleta or Under Armour have received positive reviews in terms of working out or use for hot days like the ones we have been experiencing. 


Fall is around the corner. There are hopefully only a few more weeks of the heat, but it’s better to be prepared than not. Invest in another pair of shorts or more tanks for the remaining days of warmth, and suit up for cooler weather with light jackets and leggings in the next few months. Always remember, it is possible to look both cute and comfy.