Students Optimistic About New Upperclassman Housing Option



Alana Meo Staff Writer

As all Villanovans know, there is no designated upperclassmen housing. This means that a majority of fourth year students must move off-campus into one of the various apartment complexes or houses in the surrounding neighborhoods, save for some athletes and students with specific scholarships. Returning to campus last spring semester, the students were greeted with a large construction zone where the main parking lot had been just a few months prior. In this area, the University is currently constructing new residence halls, a performing arts center, a restaurant, convenience store, mailroom and fitness center. The full project is expected to be completed in 2020, following the completion of the performing arts center. 

Considering the magnitude of the project, there has been much speculation floating around the campus as to what this new addition to campus will entail and how it will affect student life. There is a variety of responses to this construction among students, but it seems to be a positive attitude towards the newest developments on Lancaster.

As a member of the Class of 2020, the first group of students who will experience the new housing, Aidan Scargle explained, “I have heard great things about how nice the new  housing will be, and knowing that nobody will have lived there before me is an added benefit.” He went on to say that he looks forward to the completion of the campus-wide construction, as it “demonstrates Villanova’s growth and creation of new opportunities for students.” 

On a similar note, freshman Thomas Finnerty expressed optimism toward the prospective upperclassmen housing, stating that he feels it will greatly benefit the University once completed in that, “it will tie the campus together and will attract more quality students.” However, despite the prospective opportunity to house 85 percent of students with this addition, there continues to be enthusiasm toward the idea of moving off-campus. Both interviewees, as well as others not listed, discussed their hesitancy in living on-campus senior year because of the benefits that come along with living in a non-University house or apartment in preparation of living on one’s own post-graduation. 

The general consensus among current students is positive towards the new housing development. Ryan Allen and John Crean are happy for the future students who will have the opportunity to occupy the new residence halls and use the future facilities. Allen explained that the construction of additional upperclassmen housing will benefit students as a whole and especially those who will not own cars during their time on campus. Crean expressed positivity toward the construction with hope that his younger brother might one day enjoy it, if he chooses to enroll in the University. 

Overall, the student body seems to view the construction on Lancaster optimistically. The development of new facilities and residence halls seems to be taken positively in the eyes of the students, both in regards to themselves as individuals and to the community as a whole. Although the Classes of 2018 and 2019 will not be present for the final completion of this project, there still lies hope among them that the future Villanovan community will benefit from the construction of the new housing.